Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Historic Photo #1

I'm a family history and local history buff, and I feel like I've just won the lottery! Mrs. Debbie and Mr. Jackie (the house has been in their family since 1902) brought over an envelope of treasures for us this weekend. These photos are very important, not just for understanding the history of the family that has occupied The House at Sugar Creek for the past 109 years, but also for understanding the evolution of the home throughout the years. I fell in love with these photos, and I thought that y'all might like to see them, too. Every week (until I run out of photos) I'll share another piece of the history of this darling little dog-trot.

This photo is of the Raymond Robinson family (Raymond, Raymond, Jr., Jean, and Nobie). Notice that the front porch is still attached to the house, and the six columns out front. We're going to re-create it exactly.

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