Friday, May 27, 2011

DOWNSTAIRS FLOORPLAN (pre and post renovation)

Y'all can walk through the House at Sugar Creek online! This is a nearly-perfect to scale model of the renovation plans for our little dog-trot. (clink on the link)

Below you will find a drawing of the house's current floorplan.
The front four rooms and hallway are the original home.
The four tiny rooms in the back of the house were added on during WWII.
And the middle section of the house was already in place by 1902.

We will change up the layout in the back half of the house (being careful not to disturb the original dog-trot and the front four rooms). The two tiny rooms at the very back of the house (added on in the 1940's) will be removed.

Here are the renderings of the house post-renovation.

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