Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend #3

It's only the first weekend in June, and the temperatures are already nearing record highs. So with the heat in mind, we made a splurge on a temporary window-unit air conditioner for the room that we painted / stained last week. The moment that the sun appeared on Saturday morning, we knew for sure that our money had been well spent. It's was Hot with a capital H! (As in over 100 degrees kind of hot!)

Friday night we spent installing the window unit air conditioner, and then placing the newly painted and stained upper kitchen cabinet in the room that will be my future office. Right now, this room is our temporary family bedroom on the nights we spend at Sugar Creek. Here is a photo of the walls and floor after last weekend's painting / staining party.

I still need to touch up paint a few spots on the cabinet, so you'll have to wait until next week for a photo of the "completed" room. We really rushed this project because of our son's allergies, but it was very much worth it. This weekend found our oldest son doing very well inside of the "new" room. He only sneezed a few times this weekend!

On Saturday morning, my hubby asked me to take a photo of the old gas water heater for the electric company. They pay 100% of the cost of your new electric water heater if you promise to make the switch over from gas and show them proof of the change-over. The water heater was in the existing kitchen, which will be our pantry one day. I got a kick out of the photo, and I thought you might, too. The electric company will probably laugh at this photo... but it is indeed proof that we're moving from gas to electric. (haha) Notice the remaining strips of wallpaper (it was previously hidden behind the sheet rock) and the boards behind the wallpaper. This room has wonderful bones!

Shaun spent most of the day Saturday hauling concrete blocks beneath the house, prepping the area for the "leveling" process. The house is, in large part, being held up by enormous iron-ore rocks that have been mortared together. And over the last hundred and fifty years or so, some of the rocks have crumbled and the house has become a tiny bit out of level in a few places. It's nothing that a half dozen weekends and an over-eager husband can't tackle. (haha)

While Shaun was underneath the house, I was busy removing nails from the "bathroom" walls. This room is one of the original front 4 rooms in the downstairs area of the home, and it has been a bedroom up until now. Here are a few before pictures of this former bedroom... it's going to be a beautiful bathroom one day!

After I finished pulling the nails out of the walls, I began painting them the same cream color that we painted my future office. After watching me paint for two weekends in a row, the boys finally broke down completely and begged until I gave in and let them paint with me. Here's a photo of our youngest son painting alongside with me. This room isn't air conditioned, so he was trying to be like his Daddy and paint with his shirt off. It was too cute!

And speaking of Preston's Daddy, Shaun was VERY happy to discover that the bowed wood on the ceiling of this room was not due to rotten wood. We pulled down a board from the ceiling and held up a light into the space above the room, and we were more than half expecting to find a huge mess above our heads. We had already planned to remove the wood, replace the rot behind it, and begin forming up for a drywall ceiling. But we were both very surprised to find that the ceiling was in PERFECT shape! It was like new above our heads. In fact, the wood looked like it could have been put up a month ago instead of a century and half ago! Here's a photo that I took from outside of the house... it's my hubby nailing the ceiling boards back in place. For once, a big project turned into a little project. I expect we'll have a few dozen times in this renovation that a little project will turn into a big project, so I'm not celebrating just yet. (haha)

So are y'all ready for something really awesome? I found a neat little surprise in this room while we were painting. I had a big work light in the room that lit up every nook and cranny, and when I closed the door to paint around it the light hit the back of the door and I almost squealed. For there, in age-worn paint, was the longest word that I've ever heard of aside from supercalifradjalisticexpealidocious! What does it mean? I have no idea. If you do, please tell me. My guess is that it's some type of blessing. And when I went and looked at the backs of the doors in the original portion of the house, they all had squiggles just like the ones on this one. Each of the other doors had been painted over, but it was easy to see that the doors had been given this same treatment sometime in the past. It will be a very intersting mystery for me to figure out, I suppose. And I like that very, very much.


I'll end this week's post with a sneak peek of the home's history. I have so many things to tell you about the house, and about Sugar Creek, and about the wonderful family that has owned this awesome home since 1902. Maybe one of the people in these photos was the mystery artist for the long word I found on the back of the bedroom door. Hopefully I'll find out one day, or maybe this will remain one of those little mysteries that gives this old house just a tiny bit more character than it had before.


  1. Hi there! Sorry if this is old news, but I looking at your blog (its very nice and the house is lovely) and saw you asked about the word "supercalifradjalisticexpealidocious".

    As far as I know, it's a title to a Mary Poppins song. The most memorable part is:

    Even though the sound of it
    Is something quite atrocious
    If you say it loud enough
    You'll always sound precocious

    I hope that wasn't old news. :P
    Take care!

  2. Hi, Eva! Thanks for commenting! The word on the door is transmagnificantubandansiality. It took us several months to piece the word together, but in the end a memoir about the Taylor family surfaced and we were able to confirm the word on the door. What it means, we're not exactly sure. But I love a good mystery, and in the end I will figure it out. ;)