Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Look, Ma... a Potato Sack!

This past weekend we braved the 100+ degree heat and spent a night/morning/afternoon in the dog-trot. I was busy pulling out tacks that had once busied themselves with holding up cheesecloth and wallpaper, and Hubby was elsewhere pulling down the last remaining strips of wallpaper from the room that will one day be our den. Here is a photo of a tiny part of the wall post-tack-removal... the nail holes will be filled with wood putty, sanded, and the original wooden walls will be painted a beautiful beige that will have just a tiny hint of sage.

Eventually, the walls will look like this...

So anyway, I was in the middle of pulling tacks out of the wall when it happened. I saw a magical transformation in the man that once rolled his eyes when we entered antique stores together. He actually called my name and SCURRIED... dare I say it again... SCURRIED into the room where I was working with this in his hands...

What is this strange piece of material with very faded graphics printed on it? It's supposed to be everyday, run-of-the-mill cheesecloth behind the antique wallpaper. But it's not regular cheesecloth at all... the entire wallpaper was backed with POTATO SACKS! Horse Shoe Brand, 100 LBS. NET, Potato Sacks!

Hubby then proceeds to tell me that he thinks we should frame it. It's a bit too ragged to frame, but I'm definitely going to do something with it. ANY IDEAS? Drop me a line and give me your suggestion!

In other news, we have found our big splurge for the house. It's a clawfoot SHOWER! I don't know how practical it will be, but both hubby and I actually both love it. What do you guys think? Here it is...


  1. Get that sack framed! It reminds me of how the old flags looked framed, weathered and torn. It'll look great with some contrasting color behind it to show all the frays. What a great conversation piece it will be.

    The shower is a real eye-catcher! Definitely fits the mood of the house and renovation. Didn't know they made those. Great idea.

  2. Thanks, Brian! I hadn't thought about putting a contrasting color behind the old potato sack. Sounds like a winner to me!!!!!!

    I'm convinced that this is the most amazing shower in the world. It's going to be HEAVEN! ;)

  3. I LOVE THE SHOWER and I agree with Brian...even ripped it will have some personality to it :)

  4. Thanks, Christine! I think it's the most amazing shower ever! I can't wait... though I will go with frosted glass so that we won't feel so "exposed"!