Friday, September 30, 2011


Lestar Martin is a genius.

Let me say it again. LESTAR MARTIN IS A GENIUS.

Hubby and I are in love with a set of floor plans that he has drawn for THE HOUSE AT SUGAR CREEK. Lestar is a Louisiana Architect (and retired Louisiana Tech Professor of Architecture) that agreed-- without arm twisting on my part, I might add-- to take a peek at The House at Sugar Creek and see if he could tell us about the architectural history of our dog-trot. He came to Sugar Creek for the first time a week and a half ago, and his eyes were as wide as saucers before he even entered the house. He pointed out a thousand interesting tidbits about the house, one of which is the significance of the front porch. In typical northern Louisiana dog-trot design, the porch is added after the home has been built (almost as an afterthought.) But with our home, the porch is placed directly under the roofline. This style is common with the French-style dog-trots in southern Louisiana, but quite rare in northern Louisiana. (So rare, in fact, that we have only located one other local dog-trot with this feature.) Mr. Martin also pointed out THE HOUSE AT SUGAR CREEK is very large for a country home of its era, and easily recognized that the original siding (1888/1889) is still on the house and in very good condition. This means that we will be doing a good bit of sanding and painting instead of re-siding the house, and we're delighted to know that we'll be able to save the old square-nailed cypress planks.

After a long discussion with Mr. Martin about architectural designs for THE HOUSE AT SUGAR CREEK, we parted ways and nervously awaited his thoughts on the restoration. He appeared at our home last night and gave us the most magical architectural renderings that we have ever seen, and I wanted to share them with you. After a unanimous family vote, we know for certain that we're going to follow Mr. Martin's design to the T. So without further adieu... here's LESTAR MARTIN's design.... and like I said, this man is a GENIUS!


(Lestar Martin's design for the ground floor of THE HOUSE AT SUGAR CREEK)

(Lestar Martin's design for the 2nd floor of THE HOUSE AT SUGAR CREEK)


  1. How exciting to undertake such a wonderful project. I'm jealous because this is just the sort of thing I like. You'll have to have me out to see this when you're finished. And I love the upstairs ceiling!

    I'll have to tune into your blog to get the updates :)

  2. Thanks, Liz! When we're finished, we're going to have an enormous party for everyone to come take a look. You'll definitely be on the invite list! ;) You'll love the home office in this house when we finish it. It's going to be in vintage LSU program covers from the 1930's and 1940's!

  3. That layout is going to be great. So relaxing out there away from everything.

  4. We're thrilled with Lestar's renderings. He really has a knack for historic buildings!!!!