Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Friends of Sugar Creek

Here is one of my favorite photos of the dog-trot. The man on the horse was nicknamed "Pot" and he worked for (and was a dear friend to) the Sims/Robinson family. The Sims family bought THE HOUSE IN SUGAR CREEK in 1902, and I'm not sure how long afterward Pot began to work for them. But somewhere along the way, according to the caption written on the back of one of his photos and based on many, many personal accounts from the living descendants, Pot became very close friends with several members of the family. I have been given MANY photos of Pot. In fact, I have more historic photos of Pot than I have of anyone else! According to old-timers in the area, Pot was an amazing man. He had quite a voice and was a member of a local band that played all around the Sugar Creek area. I now have five photos of Pot that were taken at Sugar Creek, and this photo clearly shows the complete house INTACT, including the kitchen/dining room (to the far left) that was torn down in the 1940's.

Check out the old chimneys that were originally on THE HOUSE AT SUGAR CREEK by scrolling to the photo below. Architect Lestar Martin calls these chimneys "rope chimneys" because they were design to contain chimney fires. A rope would have been tied to the skinny chimney tops, and in case of a chimney fire a mule or a horse could have easily pulled down the chimney and saved the house from burning. Two of the three original chimneys in the below photo will be rebuilt in our restoration, and the fireplace hearths will be framed with the original mantles. And on one of the mantles, in a frame made from the old wood from the chicken coop, I will sit this photo of Pot.

Pot and his horse, circa late 1930's or early 1940's.

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