Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Persimmons and Pomegranates, oh my!

A few weeks ago, while we were spending a few days at SUGAR CREEK, our Chi-Weenie (yep, she's a Chihuahua and Weiner-dog mix) came running up to me with a persimmon in her mouth. I haven't seen a persimmon in years, so I was thrilled! My grandparents actually had a few persimmon trees on their property, and I spent many a long Sunday afternoon in my youth climbing and shaking the limbs and gathering the persimmons that would fall to the ground. I remember the day that my grandfather took out his pocket knife and cut one of the persimmon seeds open to show me that "silverware" can be found on the inside of the seed. The presence of either a fork, a knife, or a spoon indicates the type of weather that we should expect in the following winter. Click here to see the Farmer's Almanac's winter weather prediction from last year, which they based on the findings from a split persimmon seed.

I followed Montana as she sniffed around the overgrown fence row behind THE HOUSE AT SUGAR CREEK and began looking for the persimmon tree. She held her little head up and sniffed, then played around in the leaves for a while before trotting off with another persimmon in her mouth. Our little sweet Montana taught me that we have persimmon trees on the property! I happily snapped a few photos, ate a few persimmons, and then explored the fence line a little more until I found that we have pomegranates growing wild, too! These lovely fruits are clearly a remnant of gardens and orchards past, and I can't wait until next year when I'll take these "goodies" back into the house and find a way to use them in a few old-fashioned recipes.

Montana sniffing for persimmons.

A pomegranate I found growing behind our dog-trot.


  1. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JACKIE!!! Gather those pomegranates and JUICE THEM BABIES!! Not just for drinking, for making THE YUMMIEST JELLY! and save some for your sweet friend from Indiana ;)

  2. Do you have a good pomegranate recipe, Christine? I've never heard of pomegranate jelly, but it sounds wonderful!