Monday, October 10, 2011


We went on a treasure hunt last weekend, and our hunting grounds were very tiny. This outbuilding is a former chicken coop, a place to smoke hogs, and now houses the remains of a very worn dining table. Hubby cut down a few trees and shrubs to clear the way to the dilapidated door of this outbuilding, and then we happily stepped inside to find a tiny room full of treasures. I've been wanting to make my way into the building for months now, but I wasn't all that certain that both the building and/or I would survive the opening of the rotted door frame.

The chicken coop, viewed from inside THE HOUSE AT SUGAR CREEK.

View from the door of the chicken coop.

As expected, we found the old table. But there were many other goodies hidden away beneath layers of dust and sediment. We found a piece of a very old fishing pole, a beautiful little candle holder, an iron corn-bread pan (WHOO HOO!) and a mystery item. We're not really sure exactly what this enormous piece of metal was used for, but it was clearly a piece of something much bigger. Hubby and I like to think that it was part of the old cotton gin that was once on the property, but who knows.

A few of the "treasures" we found in the old chicken coop.

I love this old outbuilding, though it's much too far "gone" for us to save. But I want to salvage pieces of it for a future project... I'm thinking coffee table, or maybe a rough-hewn trunk. WHAT WOULD YOU MAKE using these well-worn materials?


  1. Save some wood, sand it, varnish it and use it for part of a future chicken coop! Definitely save that galvanized tin on the roof and door and window hardware.

  2. Thanks, Brian! Everyone seems to comment on Facebook instead of the blog... the recommendations so far are:

    1. Use the wood to make picture frames.
    2. Use the "good" wood as wainscoting.
    3. Use the whole chicken cook to start a bonfire.

    I'm going to do numbers one and two. (haha)

    Maybe I can use the door hardware on my new kitchen cabinets! Decorating this house is like getting a bride ready for her wedding... something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. ;)