Friday, November 25, 2011

A Southern Wedding, Sugar-Creek Style!

Last weekend I attended the wedding of a dear family friend, and her wedding decor was country-chic. Two of the old doors from THE HOUSE AT SUGAR CREEK were centerpieces at the wedding, and I must confess that it was the prettiest little wedding that I've ever seen. I wanted to share the beautiful day with y'all... the wedding might not have been at Sugar Creek, but Sugar Creek certainly made an appearance at the wedding!

This door is usually occupying the space between our kitchen and the future laundry room... but it looks beautiful here, too!

This door holds the key to my heart!

This lovely green door is usually hanging out between the kitchen and the breakfast room, but it's right at home in a southern wedding, too!

Blue Mason jars were the vases. Notice the antique keys that went along with the theme of "key to my heart."

The head table... isn't it lovely!

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