Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Family Home

Hubby and I were working at SUGAR CREEK a few months ago when these lovely people stopped by to say hello. As it turns out, they are Grandma Mintie and Papa Willie's great-grandchildren! (Mintie's parents bought THE HOUSE AT SUGAR CREEK from the Taylor family in 1902.) I was thrilled to meet them, and even more excited to find out that they love the old dog-trot. When you have a family that loves the home you are restoring, it makes the process of renovating just that much more special. And believe me when I say that the Robinsons and the Taylors are all very proud of this lovely old house!

Even though THE HOUSE AT SUGAR CREEK is miles away from our nearest neighbor, we've been surprised to meet dozens of people that are somehow related to this project. It makes me smile when I think about how we're all going to have a home to be proud of one day very, very soon. Hubby and I decided long ago that when we're completely finished and the weather is good, we want to have all the descendants of the Robinson and Taylor families standing in front of the newly restored dog-trot for a SUGAR CREEK family photo. I suppose that the SUGAR CREEK family photo will be the very last post we'll need on this little blog... but we have hundreds of posts left to make before that day comes. ;)

Alana, Melanie, and Kevin (plus kiddos) during their summer 2011 visit to SUGAR CREEK.

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