Monday, March 26, 2012

I think the skunk stunk... but I'm not sure!

There are crazy things that happen when you're restoring an old house, and then there are really, really crazy things that happen when you're restoring an old house. This weekend, we went with the second option.

We spent the day entire day last Saturday working on trying to make the walls and the floor of the house level. This meant that my father and my hubby had the pleasure (haha) of replacing old, crumbling iron ore rocks with concrete blocks. Afterward, we all went inside and they began fitting my office walls with drywall while I painted our mailbox post and then attempted to cook without the assistance of a kitchen. (Think bbq grill and crock pots, and you'll get the picture.)

So after a very long day, hubby and I were quite tired. We put the kids down on an air mattress and then hit the hay, too. All was fine and dandy until 2:00 am, when it sounded like our dogs were attacking something beneath our bedroom. There were bumps and thuds, growls and scampers, and just before the yelping began we heard a hiss that very quickly turned into an odor. Suddenly, we knew EXACTLY what kind of creature the dogs had found beneath our bedroom.

The dogs were unharmed, but their pride was definitely wounded. Poor Loozie-Anna (our black lab/pitbull mix) still stinks to high heaven. And you know that little thing everyone says about tomato juice? You know... that old wives' tale about using tomato juice to get rid of the scent of skunk? Well I've busted that one. If you have a tried and true way to de-scent skunk-sprayed dogs, look me up on Facebook (Jackie Tripp Lewis) and email me the remedy. I have a feeling we're going to run into this little issue a million more times before we're old and gray... this episode was simply mother nature giving us a thorough welcome to our new life out in the country!

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