Monday, March 26, 2012

my future OFFICE SPACE

How do I love my new office? Let me count the ways...

First, there's the painted wooden ceiling that we discovered beneath drywall, very early on in the renovation. Then there's the amazing, original hardwood floor that cleaned up nicer than Cinderella on the day of the Prince's ball. I mean, really... what's not to love about beautiful, historic hardwood floors? I love them when they're scratched and dented, scuffed in heavy traffic areas and worn smooth in others.

But the floors weren't really the centerpiece of the office renovation this weekend. We spent most of our time working on drywall. Here's a pic of hubby removing the old drywall in my future office and finding termite damage beneath... but luckily, the old wood on the ceiling was untouched by those pesky bugs. As it turns out, the termites were not trying to eat the original wooden walls. They had eaten the old wallpaper and cheesecloth that was sandwiched beneath the old wooden walls and the "new" drywall. (Drywall circa 1940s.)

Here is the same room after we spent much of a day removing the drywall, but before we cleaned up the debris. I know what you're thinking... it's gorgeous. I thought so, too. (haha)

Those photos were taken almost a year ago, and the room has been awaiting its moment in the spotlight ever since.

But this past weekend, things began to take shape in the room that will become my office very, very soon. My father, my hubby and I (mostly my father and my hubby) went to work measuring, cutting, and screwing drywall up in the room. They had to rebuild a wall first, but that only took an hour or so. Here's a photo of my father and my hubby just after they began working on the drywall project. And by the way, Shaun and I have very little drywall experience... we knew this would be a tough project. But staying true to our dream of being super savvy DIYers, we went for it.

The day was long, but we weren't simply doing the drywall project. Dad and hubby also leveled a few floor beams, replaced crumbling iron ore rock supports with concrete blocks, and I painted a little. Here's a pic of hubby and I late in the evening, long after my Dad went home... hubby and I only had a few pieces left to cut by this point. I look rather cheesy, but it's difficult to take a good photo when there's very little lighting available, and even less energy up for grabs. (haha)

Around 10:30 pm, when I couldn't stand it anymore, I began to work on the chandelier. I used the ceiling of the room for inspiration. The paint is original, and was applied before the drywall was placed over it in the 1940's. When we removed the drywall last year, I noticed a tiny bit of blue paint peeking out... after much sanding this is how the ceiling looks now. It's ready for a "brand new" chandlier!

About five months ago, I fell in love with a chandelier on Pinterest. It was made using an old chandelier and old Mason jars... I knew immediately that I wanted to mimic the project. Here's what my chandelier looked like as we were hanging it...

And here's what the room looked like after the drywall was cut and screwed, the ceiling was sanded lightly, the floor was stained and sealed, and I was jumping with joy!

We're certainly a long way from finished on this room. It will need new windows, new window casings, crown molding, baseboards, curtains, new electric sockets for computers, new phone lines, curtains, and furniture. We still need to mud the drywall, seal the seams between the sheets, and apply a nice vintage-looking texture and paint. But overall, this office is really beginning to come along. We're only halfway there, and there's a BIG different between the before and after already. I can't wait to see the finished space!

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