Monday, March 12, 2012


Do you see the house in the photo below? That's our darling dog-trot. And as of next week, it will be our full-time home! That's right... we're moving to THE HOUSE AT SUGAR CREEK!

The next few weeks will be a mad dash to the finish line, as we've got quite a bit of work left to do before we move. First, we must finish up the bathroom. This should actually be a piece of cake, to tell you the truth. The hardest part will be finding a group of volunteers to help us move our clawfoot tub (boy is THAT an awesome story, by the way!) to the dog-trot. ANY VOLUNTEERS? We pay nothing, but we'll tell you thank you a million times. :) After the bathroom is finished, we need to sand and seal the trim, the floor, and the ceiling of my new office. After it's all pretty we'll put up the drywall (yes, I know it's out of order, but that's how we roll) and finish up my chandelier/art centerpiece for one of the coolest rooms in the house. If we play our cards right, we'll have five rooms finished (minus electrical and HVAC... that comes later) when we move into SUGAR CREEK. Whoo hoo!

The general schedule after move-in will be very slow, as we are LOVING to do the work ourselves. We'll need to remove an old wall that was between the kitchen/living room, then drywall the entire massive kitchen/living room. After the drywall is in, painted, the new trim up, the floors stained and sealed, etc... we'll go about adding a kitchen (we'll have a temporary, makeshift kitchen until then!) and then we'll head upstairs. Upstairs are our boys' bedrooms and another bathroom, which shouldn't take very long at all. Then we'll begin the outside of the house... and voila... we'll be done! Hubby and I estimate that we'll finish the house sometime between October 2012 and December of 2062. That gives us a fifty year window, and I'm pretty sure we'll be able to keep that deadline. (hahaha!)

Well, that's it for now. I've got too much to do to blog tonight. It's time to pack up and head for the hills of northern Louisiana!


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  2. Lol @ your 50 year deadline! I believe that you guys can make the renovation jobs faster if you’re always working together. It would be ideal if you’ll take care of the clutter first, like important items, documents, etc. That way, you’ll be more organized and can do the things comfortably. I wish you the best of luck!

    Erik Littles

  3. Thanks for commenting, Erik! We're all settled into the dog-trot now and life is every bit as crazy as we had imagined!

  4. It’s been months since you moved, so how’s everything now? I’m kinda interested to see the changes you’ve made, especially with the rooms and other parts of the house. Well, I know that you’re going to do just fine. With the cooperation of everyone, all things will go well. Good luck to all, and congratulations! =)

    Ericka Muldowney

  5. I assume that you have already settled in that house by now. How was your move? I hope you didn’t have a hard time. I really think you’ve got a beautiful property there. It has such a big space, which you and your family can take advantage of and do gardening, picnics, etc! I’m excited for you all!

    Delaine Meaney

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  7. It’s quite interesting to see the changes you’ve made after you moved, from the kitchen up to the bathroom – it’s like a tour in your new place. But how about you post a clearer image of that wonderful house? =) Anyway, here’s hoping for your safe and enjoyable stay in your home.

    Elias Madden