Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Moving to the Sugar Shack!

Moving day (and by day, I mean week!) is finally here. The boys have asked us the same question at least a million times lately... "Mommy, when are movin' to Sugar Creek?"

I finally gave in one day and admitted the truth. "Well kids, you're getting your wish. We're moving to Sugar Creek. But there's a catch."

"A catch, Mommy? What's a catch?"

Their little faces were smiling, and they had no idea what was coming. "Boys, the catch is that we've gotta pack up everything that we own into boxes and move."

"Oh, Mommy, that'll be easy."

I laughed. I guess it is easy to pack and move--from their perspective, anyway. Here they are on moving night, when we loaded down a U-Haul with furniture and headed over to Sugar Creek.

And here they are AFTER we moved the furniture. And yes, we made them help. It never hurts to teach children to pitch in and help out when there's work to be done... thus is the law of country life. And we're officially country-folk now, right?

We've had a couple of people open their eyes very wide in shock when we tell them that we're moving to THE HOUSE AT SUGAR CREEK before it's finished. But we're really, really excited about this move. We'll be able to tackle little projects during the week instead of waiting until the weekend to drive over. And there's nothing like moving to an old house to motivate you to restore it quickly... so far we have four rooms that are mostly finished, and that's plenty of room for us to live in until the remainder of the house is complete.

I'd like to knock out the wall that encloses the dog-trot and live with the dog-trot completely open again this spring... feel free to place bets on how long we'll make it that way. I have a feeling that the wild animals running around in the woods will freak me out a bit, especially if they dare to walk down the dog-trot during the middle of the night while we're in bed. But how often does a gal get the opportunity to sleep (and live) in an open-halled dog-trot house from the 1800's? And that, my friends, is EXACTLY why we're moving to Sugar Creek before the house is ready. We want to experience life the way it was once lived in the ole' dog-trot... and then watch her transform into a modern home, one painted wall at a time.

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