Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our "Builder" at work...

Hi, y'all! This week Hubby and I learned something about our six year-old son that we didn't know before. As it turns out, Preston has really been paying attention to his Mommy and Daddy... and though we didn't realize it at the time, he learned to put together ceiling fans by watching us tinker on other projects. With that being said, let me set you up for the following video and photo of Preston.

The two front rooms (master bedroom and parlor) in THE HOUSE AT SUGAR CREEK are going to serve as our bedrooms until the upstair has been restored, so I thought it might be nice to temporarily put up ceiling fans until the new wiring is installed. So after a quick trip to Lowe's Home Improvement, we returned and opened the boxes. Hubby climbed a ladder and began to dismantle the pull-string light and sort through the wiring. I was in charge of opening the boxes, assembling the fan blades, and handing Hubby the screws. But Preston noticed what I was up to and asked me to step aside... then he stepped in and INSISTED that I allow him to help his Daddy. I laughed and said yes, because I rather liked the idea of watching him try to help. But low and behold--against all odds--the child could actually put together fan blades! And he did it with NO coaching whatsoever!

After the first fan was installed, I decided to record the second installation. Is it just me, or do we have a Ty Pennington, Jr. on our hands? (hahaha)

After the fan blades were installed, Preston insisted on climbing the ladder and screwing in the light bulb. And after the entire fan was installed, he said that we should call him if we ever need his help again. TOOO CUTE!

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