Thursday, June 13, 2013


Do you need extra storage space?  Are you leery of spending a mint on a place to simply HIDE things?  We've all had the conversation before... 

FRIEND: "Oh, Jacs, that's a cool pie safe.  Humm... I didn't know that you collect thimbles.  Wow.  That's a lot of thimbles.  A lot."

ME: "I don't, actually.  Don't remember where they came from, so I don't wanna throw them away.  What if they're important?"

Yeah, don't judge me.  We ALL have junk that clutters up our lives.  Incidentally, I don't have thimbles.  But it's like pulling teeth to get me to throw away a candle, even when it has burned down to a charred remnant of a wick and only a sixteenth of an inch of wax remains in the bottom of the jar.

And because I need a place to hide my candle graveyard, I came up with this idea for a storage solution.


How'd I do it?  

Take one console style record player, unattractive in nature, and rip out all of the components.  Unscrew and remove speakers, wire, radio, etc... and cut out the wooden speaker mounts.  Sand lightly and paint the entire project silver, inside and out, and you'll have a precious little liquor cabinet or junk holder.  Mine is tucked away behind a sofa, and it will be used as a wine bar.  (and candle storage facility, of course.)

And the best thing about this project?  (Besides the good looks.)  The price.  $15 for the record player.  $8 for spray paint.  And the smile on my face was absolutely FREE in the moment that I finally found the right sized screwdriver to take apart the speakers.  

WORD OF WARNING: This project wasn't quite as simple as I had hoped, but it was well worth the trouble.  

Y face 

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  1. I need to is it going? Are you still glad you bought the house? Do you regret anything? I have my eye on an old beauty...she's pretty unlivable. I wonder if I'm crazy.