Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to straighten old square nails

Hello from Sugar Creek, Louisiana!  The kiddos and I are going to spend our weekend
creating built-in seating for our "new" deck that we made from salvaged wood.  New deck?  Oh, yes.  We have a new deck.  I never blogged about the fact that we ripped out an old remodel from the 1940's to open the dogtrot hallway up to the elements again, but I'll let y'all take a peek at that project very soon.  First, though, lets talk deck.

We tore apart and salvaged materials from a pre-civil war house and used the wood (and the old square nails) to build a historically accurate deck off of the old dogtrot hallway.  Why would we do such things?  We had a few reasons for our deck project: 1) it would give us more
outdoor space and 2) we could reuse some of the excess materials we have on hand.

For the most part, my boyfriend Chris made the deck plans and pretty much built the deck himself.  Don't get me wrong--I did my share of toting around boards, slicing them to size, and I used the hammer quite a bit.  The kids were in on the action, too.  They had to become professionals at straightening the old square nails we salvaged, and after they perfected the art they wanted to share their new-found knowledge with y'all.

So in case you ever find yourself with a bucket full of old square nails
and no idea how to bring them to life again, here ya geaux.

This video was taken before the majority of the deck was complete.  Before and after pictures will come later, when we post about the entire project and the enormous amount of time (but almost zero dollars!) it took to bring this plan to fruition.

Preston is giving a tutorial on straightening old square nails

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