Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I AM CRYING this morning.

I am as tough as the square nails that we reclaim.  I've been through a lot in life, and as a result I've learned to hold my shoulders up and work my tail off when things get tough.  It keeps me sane, and it's the PERFECT character trait for a single Momma who is restoring a house with her young two sons.

But this morning something got through to me and I felt the tears rolling down my face.  You see, yesterday the kiddos and I launched an Indigogo campaign to raise the funds we need to finish up this old house.  And this morning we opened up our Indigogo page to find that someone had anonymously given $100 to our cause.  With the way we are with money, to us $100 is the equivalent of at least $1,000 to most Americans. The kids and I stretch every cent so far that ole' Abe's eyes bulge before we spend it!!!!

Miles, Preston and I have been talking about staring an indigogo campaign for THE HOUSE AT SUGAR CREEK for at least six months now, but we didn't because I was afraid that nobody would contribute a cent and that I would feel silly for bothering everyone.  But then I started reading Alice Hoffman's THE DOVEKEEPERS and a single line in this wonderful novel made me change my mind.  The main character points out that when you're quiet and you never ask for anything, that's exactly what you'll get.  I knew, after reading Alice Hoffman's words, that I needed to get over my ridiculously egotistical pride and let everyone know that we NEED your help.  We WANT you to be a part of the history of this house.  And we are asking you to help because if we don't ask, you won't ever know that we need your assistance.

Below you'll find the link to our Indigogo campaign.  If you're thinking about investing in our future B&B, please know that you don't have to pay until the end of the campaign. I'm serious when I say that EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY. HELPS. TREMENDOUSLY. The boys and I are working our bootays off, but we simply cannot building chimneys, install a septic system, or snap our fingers and have plants suddenly appear around the house that we're restoring every day.

Miles, Preston and I worked on our deck furniture until the sun got away from us last night. We literally used every single second of the setting sun to finish cutting angles because the two sides of the bench were not squared off properly.

Perfection is dang near IMPOSSIBLE when one works with reclaimed wood. But I'm learning to compensate for warped pre-civil war wood by celebrating the uniqueness of our work. NOBODY has another bench like this one. At eight feet long on one end and nearly twelve feet long on the other side, I smile with every nail that we set because I know there will be thousands of amazing conversations that happen on the bench that we're building. And the total cost on this project has been a whopping $30. (The price of a big box of nails.) We're using wood we reclaimed. We even got away with buying only $30 worth of nails because we even REUSED the square nails we salvaged before we bought any new ones to finish the project!

Think about it, y'all. If we can build nearly 20 feet of gorgeous seating, two decks and a dividing wall for $30, then imagine what we are gonna do with the $100 contribution we received on indigogo!

So to whoever you are, you amazing anonymous donor who gave us a big smile and lots of HOPE this morning, we THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOMS OF OUR HEARTS!

If you wanna contribute, visit our campaign athttp://igg.me/at/thehouseatsugarcreek/x/8797740.


  1. Darlin, can't send money, but I'm in Shreveport and I am a master gardener and propagating FOOL! End up with tons more plants than I need, and when you get your beds ready, I would be glad to come over and bring you a bunch of stuff, just for the pleasure of a tour of that old house. Let me know whether you need sun or shade plants or both. Probably next spring or fall (fall is always better for setting out perennials), we could make this happen. So tell me what you need, or at least what type garden you are looking to create: English, nighttime, old-fashioned country, easy maintenance (native plants), etc. Or, better yet, tell me how you envision the landscaping on your gorgeous place! I can let you know what I can do. FB message me (Debbie Bell Fish) or e-mail me at dfish5631@aol.com

    1. Oh my gosh, Debbie!!!!!!! That is so very sweet!!! I'm grinning so big right now... I'll friend you on facebook right now! THANK YOU!!!!!!