Monday, September 21, 2015

We found the cause of AUTISM, Y'all! Seriously!

We began this restoration in May of 2011, and I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined in advance exactly what this historic homestead would do for my family.

It has been impossible to blog up until this point, but now the blog bug has bitten for reasons far larger than the restoration of our homestead.  You see, we moved to the middle of the woods and began this restoration (or so we thought) to save money and life a more simplistic life.  Four years later, I am a single mother who doesn't have time to date, callouses on my hands, a whole new batch of laugh lines, and as of summer 2015 my family figured out the CAUSE OF AUTISM and learned how to cure thirteen year old Miles of his Sensory disorder!

I'm happy to announce that my child has been cured of his Autism Spectrum Disorder, but the cure places a very heavy load upon our shoulders.  You see, we KNOW why our species has developed Autism and other sensory disorders.  And we KNOW what must be done to turn this DISability into one of the greatest ABILITIES that mankind has ever known.  It is not going to be an easy road, but it is the road that we must take because humanity is literally dependent upon the distribution of the knowledge that our family has gained.

Sugar Creek, Louisiana is home to our little family.  And what a home it has become!  I have dropped more than forty pounds.  The kids have gained strength, wisdom, and maturity.  Plus they've shot up like weeds.  They're growing up quickly, and it makes me smile to see them turning into young men who understand morality and ethics. 

I've become a part time school teacher that teaches a class on OLD FASHIONED VALUES, a profoundly beautiful look into gardening, canning, home construction, animal husbandry, morals, ethics, and cultural differences between our ancestors and our present-day society.  And as of this week, I am going to work part time as an assistant carpenter.

Life is joyous.  The house is still not finished--far from it.  But we find joy in working on our home because we know that we're not simply restoring this house.  It is restoring us, too!

We host NATURE PLAY every other weekend right here at the dogtrot, and I am still surprised by the amalgamation of people who gather around our bonfire to sing songs, share wisdom, bask in the warmth of belly laughs and throw their souls into working together to solve the problems facing modern man. 

My family has begun a company that will literally change the face of housing in America.  We cannot wait to share with you the freedom that we have found by living life the old fashioned way, and I can guarantee that it will be a life changer for you if you allow us to reach our hands out and help pull you out of the abyss of hopelessness.

Here are a few photos of a few of the amazing friends and experiences that have helped to make our family's dreams come true.  We are blessed beyond measure, and we're thankful to God above that life is so splendidly beautiful.  Life is sweet at The Sugar Shack!

Instead of writing paragraph after paragraph to explain the massive changes that have occurred within our hearts and within our home and within our circle of friends, we'd rather just show you.  So here are a few pics that show a tiny bit of what we've been doing instead of blogging.

You see, we have BECOME the change that we wish to see in this world.  And we're so happy to MAKE THE MOVEMENT MOVE!

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